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Cult Of Personality

Wikipedia defines cult of personality in terms of a political leader manipulating mass media to build support. This can happen but more likely a cult of personality develops because of some kind of grass roots support for or hero worship of a person, not necessarily a political leader.   

As I watch the inauguration proceedings I am struck by the behavior of the crowd. At various times chants of “Oboma Oboma” sweep through the crowd. I have never seen this at any inauguration event. That doesn’t mean it’s never happened I just don’t remember seeing it or hearing it on any of the past inauguration events. I’ve seen them sense President Carter took office.

The whole Obama phenomena of hope is a little disturbing. A large number of people seem willing to place all of their hopes for something better on this man and the government he will expand. Let me point out here that government only has the power people are willing to give it. In this case apparently many people are willing to give up nearly everything for this man and the government he plans to create. This kind of faith in a single person is the accurate definition of cult of personality (YouTube).

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