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Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays

Welcome to the culture war. I’ve started noticing more and more that friends won’t say Christmas in reference to December 24/25th. I’ve also noticed that these friends don’t claim to be Christian. So I guess this makes some sense. But. It is Christmas and yes it is a Christian holiday but it wasn’t always a Christian holiday. Then there’s the work ‘holiday’ which we will get to later.

So here are the facts. About this time of year, somewhere close to the winter solstice, there have always been some kind of festival. It doesn’t matter what culture existed there was some kind of festival. It just happens that the the Christians conquered the western world. If the romans had prevailed we would most likely celebrate Saturnalia but they didn’t and we don’t.

If you were born and raised in the Americas or Europe you were born into western culture and you and your family adopted western traditions. Christmas is no more or less culturally important on the world than are Qing Ming or Cinco De Mayo and if you look you will find these holidays also present in western culture. I” submit that this is a result of the Greek/Roman nature of western culture. When ever the Romans would conquered an area they would adopt the gods and celebrations of the peoples they were trying to win over. It’s a seriously sneaky way to take over a people. The Catholic missionaries to Mexico found that All Saints’ Day corresponded well with an Aztec festival already being celebrated. As a result we now have Day of the Dead.

Christmas is just another one of those holidays that got incorporated and adopted by the dominate culture. In this case it was Christian culture. There shouldn’t be anything embarrassing to the non Christian in saying Merry Christmas. Christians use this time to celebrate their new life rebirth beliefs and there’s noting wrong with recognizing it. In fact those who refuse to recognize this are truly assaulting another culture in much the same way they accuse Christian culture of doing. This may indeed be fact, and this article seems to prove that point, but those wanting to break from Christian culture should not commit the same assault. Simply recognize the the history of your own culture and honor it’s significance in shaping your world and realize that anything new is going to likely be based on what has been. Don’t go denying a people their celebrations just because they aren’t yours.

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