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Content Creation, Content Consumption

It seems that we have two primary functions for computers these days. Creating content, design, movie making, bogging, creating reports for school or work, etc. Then you have the consumer functions of computers, browsing, watching videos, listening to music and so on. I do believe these functions will be more greatly separated in the near future. The iPhone and Kindle are a prime example of ┬ácontent consumption devices, there isn’t much you can create with them. OK OK yes you can blog and take photos with your iPhone but these are light weight functions. That is you don’t use an iPhone as your only blogging tool. An SLR camera is a good example of a content creation device and it does that job very well. The more specialized the device the better at it’s job. A TV is a much better place to watch a video than on your computer or iPhone.

I could be completely wrong on this. It may well be that as devices get more smarts they again will become content creators and consumers like computers have always been. However I do think more specialization and separation of the creators and consumers will be coming along. With products like the iPhone and 8 core Xenon MacPro it’s much easier to say one is primarily for creating content and the other for consumption. Do you really want a Mac pro for watching porn! really? Would you make porn with your iPhone? well I suppose it will happen if it hasn’t.

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